15 juillet 2013

Lundi 15 Juillet

This morning, Alana, Eli and Emma played tennis, but it was too hot ! After they came back home and they took their showers, John, Joanne and the children finished the game: Quirkle. When the game was finished, John made spaghetti. After lunch, Joanne brought Emma to Maddie's house. Maddie gave Emma a tour of her house, and then they spent a while deciding what to do. They decided to go to the swimming pool. In the changing room, someone came and told them the pool was closed because someone fouled it. After they went to Yogurty's (a frozen yogurt shop) and they ate their fro-yo while they walked home. They came back home through the park and got a little lost on the way. When they arrived home, they played a game and after they ate the dinner .

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  • Sounds like fun

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