17 juillet 2013

Tuesday July 16

Tuesday, alana got up at 6:30 to go swimming at pool for the length swim form 7-9. She is training for the camp that she will be going to that takes place on a tall ship. She swam ten lengths and then immediately treaded water for 10 minutes. She talked to Lara on facebook who says she is having trouble viewing the blog and who like Emma to try to view it from Maddie’s computer. In the afternoon, she went to the doctors. They told her that her finger was not broken but the tendon was inflamed and possibly the joint as well. They told her that she can not play tennis or rock climb for a while which is a shame. When she got home, she decided to try to make a pair of earrings similar to the leaf ones that she saw with Emma at a small boutique the day they had their mani-pedis. After dinner she played a game with her mother (and won) :). Before bed, she watched Devil Wears Prada because she had forgotten that she had already watched it.

Meanwhile, Emma and Maddie...

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  • nice day !! see you tomorrow

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