28 juillet 2013

Niagara Falls

SAM_0160This the maid of the mist. It is a big boat that we went on that goes very close to the falls.

SAM_0162This is Eli and Emma on the maid of the mist. The blue plastic bags are to protect you from the water but we all got very wet anyway.

SAM_0175This is one of the falls with the made of the mist below

SAM_0176 We all chose one attraction on the big street close to the falls. Eli chose Mini Golf. He won. Emma chose Ghost Blasters. It is a game where you go through a haunted house and shoot at targets. Alana chose the arcade where we are took a turn at playing Deal or No Deal. We won 107 tickets at the arcade. We used them to get prizes. Emma got a googly-eyed ring, Alana an eraser and eli a top.

SAM_0177 We all ate an ice cream before leaving.

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