14 juillet 2013

Dimanche 14 juillet

Emma and Alana woke up at 3 am and they slept again. Alana woke at 6 am and Emma at 7 am. Then Joanne made some pancakes, it was very very good ! After Emma, Alana and Eli played badminton in the backyard, Eli won the match. We started a game with John and Joanne but we didn’t finish because we had to go to eat at High Park before Alana and Emma went to their manicures.  Girls are very very happy, it was the first time for Emma. 

After we went to the swimming pool with Joanne, Eli and his friend, Noah. The water was good. The swimming pool was free but we had to take a test to prove that we could swim. We had fun. Then we came back home and we wrote the blog. :) This night, friends of the Park family will eat with us. 

Tomorrow Emma will go to Maddie’s home for 4 days. 

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  • Est-ce Emma ou Alana qui a écrit ??

    Posté par valérie, 14 juillet 2013 à 23:54 | | Répondre
  • C’est Emma qui ecrit mais Alana corrige ses fautes

    Posté par Emma_Alana, 15 juillet 2013 à 17:31 | | Répondre
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